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From today, women work for free

Today is the Day of Equal Pay for Women and Men, which this year fell on November 4, 2022.

Employed women tend to work fewer hours, in lower-wage sectors, and at the same time in lower positions than men.The result is a substantial difference in the remuneration and earnings of women and men.

The pay gap also stems from deeply rooted traditional gender roles and gender stereotypes. Women and men have the right to equal pay for equal work or work of equal value.The Labor Code contains several criteria for assessing the value of work: complexity, responsibility and effort, equal or comparable working conditions, equal or comparable work performance and work results. But nowhere does he say that women's work is in any sense inferior to men's work.

According to the Institute for Work and Family Research, women in Slovakia are still paid with the "women's euro". For a fair assessment of women's work in our society, we must take into account factors such as gender segregation in the labor market, lack of flexibility in working time, traditional gender division of roles in caring forfamily members and a glass ceiling."

If you feel discriminated against in terms of remuneration, you can contact the Slovak National Center for Human Rights.


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