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Gender equality in the workplace still has room for improvement

We have officially launched a project to support gender equality and harmony between work and private life in Slovakia.The opening conference was held with the participation of the professional public and the executive director of SNSĽP Silvia Porubänová, analyst Daniel Dujava from the Institute of Financial Policy, film critic Peter Konečný, founder of the RISOTO organization Ľubica Rozborová and researchers Michaela Ujházyová and Radka Vicenová from SNSĽP spoke at it.

The starting point of the project is, for example, the fact that only 3.2% of women work in a managerial position, or the fact that access to better-paid job positions is very limited for women.

We also experience a significant pay gap between women and men, which currently stands at 18%, and in many cases, discrimination also occurs against women because of their family relationship, which contributes to the deepening of the pay gap. There is a lot of misinformation about gender equality and gender stereotypes are deeply rooted in Slovak society.

We hope that this project will also contribute to raising the awareness of the professional and lay public and will appeal to both policymakers and employers and employees. The main goal of the project is to fight misinformation in the field of gender equality and improve the application of gender equality not only in relation to the majority society, but also in relation to vulnerable groups (e.g. Roma communities).


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