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Support for remuneration transparency - equal pay for equal work

The European Commission has presented a proposal on pay transparency, which aims to ensure that women and men in the EU receive equal pay for equal work. The proposal includes measures related to pay transparency, such as pay information for job seekers, the right to know the pay level of male and female workers doing the same job, and obligations for large companies to report on the gender pay gap.

The new measures, which take into account the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employers, but also on women who have been particularly hard hit, will increase awareness of pay conditions within companies and provide employers and workers with more tools to deal with the issue of pay discrimination atworkplace.

How will access to justice be improved for victims of pay discrimination?For example, it will normally be for the employer, not the worker, to prove that there has been no discrimination in terms of remuneration.Another of the measures is that equal treatment authorities and workers' representatives can act on behalf of workers in court or administrative proceedings and, in the case of collective lawsuits for equal pay, conduct court proceedings.

The most frequent questions and answers on this topic are answered on the website of the European Commission.


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