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Why educate about gender equality?

In the labor market, we encounter many expressions of inequality between men and women. In this context, it is very important to educate about gender equality at a young age. However, thanks to a project supported by Norwegian grants, it is possible! Gender inequality manifests itself not only in pay gaps, but also in stereotypes and prejudices that affect what jobs are considered typically male or female, and what opportunities are offered to individuals.

What do we educate about?

One of the topics is, for example, stereotypes that are linked to certain professions and activities.Taking care of children and the household is often attributed to women. Employers may assume that women will not be able to work full time, which may affect their career growth.Teaching about this issue can help students realize how stereotypes influence decision-making and career choices.The quality of work and segregation in the labor market remain problematic in Slovakia. Women's employment in low-wage sectors of the economy is high, and women's access to better-paid positions is limited. Among such industries, we mainly recommend education, social services and healthcare. Just to illustrate, more women than men work in education in Slovakia. However, women mainly occupy lower and less paid positions (e.g. teacher, educator, teacher's assistant) while men occupy leading and managerial positions (e.g. director).

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